3D Modelling

One of our brands best advantages is understanding that all models need to be ultimately manufactured.

Our 3D Modelling services offer in-depth knowledge on creating a miniature suitable for any of 3 production methods; 3D Printing, Casting and Injection Molding.

We are not engineers and we don’t claim to be so, so some final edits may be needed from your final manufacturer (specifically for injection molded products) but we produce models with undercuts and negative space in mind as well as depth and wall thicknesses of details. Guaranteed we will save you time & money and our pricing is extremely competitive. 

We offer a no strings attached 3d modelling service so once your model is finished if you decide to go elsewhere to produce that is completely fine! 

Extremely pleased with the service. We commissioned 30 models for our brand new board game and all were delivered on time and consistent to our theme and design.

– Graham

Very happy, do not hesitate to work with the team @ Limelight. All the models were exactly what we needed and they even made adjustments outside of the original project specs.  10/10 would recommend
– Justin

Regularly coming back for more models. We are now on our 3rd Kickstarter using Limelight services and would highly recommend! 

– Julie


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