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we provide innovative solutions for bulk production
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For those looking for exceptional Injection Molding production at low cost and high quality then please look no further. We pride ourselves on our production and would love to quote your next project. We offer a completely top to bottom service including reviewing models for production, adjusting the models for production, samples and prototypes all before we even commit you to an mold.
Injection Molding is the ideal production method for those looking for high volume and low costs but on top of that it offers a unique hard plastic alternative (benefits include strength, level of detailing) over the more accessible Casting and 3D Printing methods.
We have included an little FAQ for the most common questions below though every project is different so please get in touch if you have any questions.
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High quality end-product painting available on our injection molded products. Pricing starting from $0.30 per miniature.
We produce beautiful terrain pieces utilising the power of Injection molding to reduce your costs to create entire worlds, buildings, cities and landscapes for your game.
Whether on a sprue or in one cavity mold we produce finely detailed and impressive Figures in a range of materials.
Common questions of our Injection Molding services

``It is our job to provide you with products you love and can be proud of``

Injection Molding needs to be precise and accurate every step of the way, we dedicate considerable resources to make sure that each and every client receives product exactly as they envision.

We follow a strict 4 process method with each section needing a greenlight by the client before moving forwards to the next.





Once we receive your files and project specs we will work on our quote immediately.
If you are happy with the quote we then provide high quality 3D Prints of your models and ship them out to you for your approval. These will closely mirror the end product.
Molds + Samples
After confirming the prototypes you then greenlight to produce the molds and once finished we run first samples off the molds and ship them out to you.
Mass production
Once you receive first samples from the molds you can then confirm everything is correct and we will then move to full scale production.