x10 Ancient Warrior Bases 25mmØ


This is to purchase ONLY  25mm Diameter bases for your miniatures. The factions include Samurai, Roman Gladiator, Ancient Greece and Medieval style. You will receive x10 bases in total, at least 1 of each of the designs,  perfect for 28mm and 32mm scale!

They will be produced in highly detailed resin in a peachy colour.


This product is Resin miniatures only and does NOT include the cast metal and helmets or warriors themselves. Please see the the other product listing(s)  if you would like to add those.

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This product was part of our  successful Ancient Helmet & Shields Vol.1 Kickstarter 2022. The campaign can be viewed here


All products (including both Physical & Digital) can not, under any circumstances be copied, sold, re-distributed, shared or altered (apart from re-scaling). Limelight & the products respective artists retain all rights.  By purchasing these products you confirm your intention to follow these terms. 


28mm, 32mm

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